Web Designer


Hello there, I'm Da'kota and i like to design and make websites on my free time. I sometimes make some other things like discord bots and GFX Work for other people. This can all be found on my github. If you would like to get in contact with me you can join my discord server linked above, or you can email me at [email protected] Discord is the more promising way of contact though. If you wanna support me and my projects check out my patreon aswell linked below.



These are all my projects i am currently working on, if you wanna support me or my projects, check out the patreon. Or if you really just need support, join my discord server or email be below..

- (Files for this site.)
- GFX-Projects.
- DBM-Projects
- Mable-Site & Docs.



Here is where you can find my links to my youtube and twitch channel where i sometimes make boring ass content. If you want notifications on whenever im streaming or upload a youtube video, join my discord server and get pinged every time!


Discord Bot's

Here is all the information regarding the discord bots i have created. If you need any support or want to suggest anything make sure you join the discord server.

- Mable - Multipurpose Discord Bot.UNCOMPLETE
- Pollx - A simple and easy discord poll bot.BETA

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